Kingdom Hearts 3?is currently in development with no officially announced release date. We do know that it will release for both the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft X-Box One.

Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG series that merges Final Fantasy characters with Disney characters and worlds. According to director Tetsuya Nomura the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts III will be similar to the combat in Kingdom Hearts II although it will be more evolved like it as between Kingdom Hearts I and II.

Yoko Shimomura is confirmed to be the game?s composer as she composed the scores for all the previous kingdom hearts games. As of right now we only have a couple of trailers but they do feature music by Yoko Shimomura and you can view them below.



Kingdom Hearts 3, Announcement Trailer


Kingdom Hearts 3, E3 2015 Trailer



Kingdom Hearts 3 – Jump Festa 2016 Trailer

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