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Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) is another one of the many Kingdom Hearts spinoffs developed between Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III and is the seventh instalment of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Dream Drop Distance was released exclusively for the Nintendo 3Ds in Japan on March 29, 2012 with releases in the rest of the world a few months later.

The game takes place after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and the focus of the game is on Sora and Riku?s Mark of Mastery exam. During the game you have to protect various parallel worlds as you wait for the return of Master Xehanort.

The gameplay is an expansion of the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and takes advantage of the 3D features of the Nintendo 3DS.

The game was released in the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue collection for the Sony PlayStation 4.

While previous Kingdom Hearts games featured music exclusively by Yoko Shimomura the Dream Drop Distance soundtrack was a collaboration between Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito. Remixed tracks from the World Ends With You are also included in the soundtrack.



Full Soundtrack Playlist



Full Track List: Disc 1

Track Name Composer
1 Dearly Beloved Yoko Shimomura
2 Storm Diver Tsuyoshi Sekito
3 TWISTER -KINGDOM MIX- Takeharu Ishimoto
4 Traverse in Trance Yoko Shimomura
5 Hand to Hand Yoko Shimomura
6 Dream Eaters Yoko Shimomura
7 CALLING -KINGDOM MIX- Takeharu Ishimoto
8 UNTAMABLE Tsuyoshi Sekito
9 SOMEDAY -KINGDOM MIX- Takeharu Ishimoto
10 The World of Dream Drops Yoko Shimomura
11 Le Sanctuaire Yoko Shimomura
12 Le Cloche Yoko Shimomura
13 Sweet Spirits? Yoko Shimomura
14 Majestic Wings Tsuyoshi Sekito
15 Ever After Yoko Shimomura
16 Wild Blue Tsuyoshi Sekito


Full Track List: Disc 2

Track Name Composer
1 Access the Grid Takeharu Ishimoto
2 Digital Domination Takeharu Ishimoto
3 The Nightmare Yoko Shimomura
4 Rinzler Recompiled Yoko Shimomura
5 Keyblade Cycle Takeharu Ishimoto
6 Gigabyte Mantis Tsuyoshi Sekito
7 The Fun Fair Yoko Shimomura
8 Prankster’s Party Yoko Shimomura
9 Broken Reality Yoko Shimomura
10 Ice-hot Lobster Tsuyoshi Sekito
11 The Dream Yoko Shimomura
12 Ready to Rush Tsuyoshi Sekito
13 Dream Matchup Takeharu Ishimoto
14 One for All Yoko Shimomura
15 All for One Yoko Shimomura
16 The Flick Finalist Takeharu Ishimoto
17 Victor’s Pride Tsuyoshi Sekito
18 Xigbar Yoko Shimomura
19 Distant from You… Yoko Shimomura
20 Sacred Distance Yoko Shimomura
21 Deep Drop Yoko Shimomura


Full Track List: Disc 3

Track Name Composer
1 L’Oscurit? dell’Ignoto Yoko Shimomura
2 Xehanort – The Early Years Yoko Shimomura
3 The Dread of Night Yoko Shimomura
4 L’Eminenza Oscura I Yoko Shimomura
5 L’Eminenza Oscura II Yoko Shimomura
6 L’Impeto Oscuro Yoko Shimomura
7 My Heart’s Descent Yoko Shimomura
8 The Eye of Darkness Yoko Shimomura
9 Link to All Yoko Shimomura
10 Sora Yoko Shimomura
11 Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening- Yoko Shimomura
12 Symphony No.6 “Pastoral” Op.6 Ludwig van Beethoven
13 L’Apprenti Sorcier Paul Dukas
14 The Nutcracker Suite Op. 71 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
15 A Night on the Bare Mountain Modest Mussorgsky

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