Little King?s Story was released in Japan for the Nintendo Wii on September 3, 2009 and is a real-time strategy/life simulation/rpg.

You play as a shy boy who finds a mysterious crown and gains the power to charm people to make them follow his orders. As you play the game you become the king of the village with the goal of making the villagers happy and expanding their village.

The soundtrack of this game is composed and arranged by Yutaka Minobe. Yoko Shimomura isn?t actually involved with the soundtrack but she did an arrangement of a song titled Bol?ro which was in the first trailer of the game and shown during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) in 2007. You can watch this trailer below. The style of the rest of the music in the soundtrack was apparently modelled after the style of Yoko Shimomura’s arrangement.



TGS 2007 Trailer Featuring the Song?Bol?ro Arranged by Yoko Shimomura



Full Soundtrack Playlist

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