Mushihimesama Double Arrange Album was a special limited edition album that came bundled with the Xbox 360 version of the video game Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5. It features two discs of arranged music from the game by a large group of different video game composers. Yoko Shimomura is responsible for the song Sea of Frozen Crystals on disc two.

Mushihimesama Futari is a bullet hell shooter that was originally released by Cave for arcades in October 2006. The game was later ported to the Xbox 360 and iOS in 2009. The game has five main stages with an end boss and mid-boss. Players can play as one of two characters, Reco or Palm with a choice of shot type. The player must dodge enemy bullets while firing back and collecting gems.



Sea of Frozen Crystals <Stage2>: Composed by Yoko Shimomura


Full Album Playlist



Disc 1 Track List

Track Name Composer
1 The Princess, Age 15 <Select> Kenichiro Fukui
2 To Shinju Forest <Stage1> Yasuhisa Watanabe
3 Levi-Sense <Boss> Wasi303
4 Enough About That! <StageClear> Ryu Takami
5 Furthermore, Cross the Desert too <Stage2> Shinji Hosoe
6 Walking on the Land of Flame <Stage3> Keiichi Okabe (guitar: Kakeru Ishihama)
7 Like a Night of Falling Stars <Stage4> Yasuhito Saito
8 The Direction to the Heart of the Forest <Stage5> Satoru Kousaki & Keigo Hoashi
9 Is This How You Are? <LastBoss> Michiko Naruke
10 Requiem of the Sky <TrueLastBoss> Koji Hayama
11 Starfall Village <NameEntry> Yousuke Yasui
12 I Have Something to Ask You <Ending> Dr.COVA


Disc 2 Track List

Track Name Composer
1 The Prince, Age 9 <Select> Noriyuki Iwadare
2 Setting Off Together <Stage1> Yasuhiko Fukuda (scat: Yuka Yamagishi)
3 Beastial Beat <Boss> Denji Sano
4 We Did It! <Stage Clear> Ryu Umemoto
5 Sea of Frozen Crystals <Stage2> Yoko Shimomura
6 Shinju Forest Rebel Army? <Stage3> Motoi Sakuraba
7 The Black Shell Beast King <Stage4> TECHNOuchi
8 On the Verge of Madness <Stage5> Kota Hoshino
9 Cry! Scream!! <Last Boss> Ayako Saso
10 Sky of Fragrant Souls <Secret ?> Akari Kaida (vocal: Akari Kaida)
11 I Want to Protect You <Name Entry> Kazuhiro Nakamura
12 Invisible Warmth <Ending> Motoyoshi Iwasaki


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