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Rise of Mana is an Action RPG developed by Square Enix for iOS, Android and the PlayStation Vita. It was released for smartphones in 2014 and then again in 2015 on the PS Vita. This is the 11th mana game with a brand new story and a similar action battle system. The story focuses on two characters, an angel and a demon who are both cast down to the human world and have to share the same body to serve.

The game is free and makes money using micro transactions.

The soundtrack features a collection of music composed by: Kenji Ito, Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, KOKIA and of course 1 track by Yoko Shimomura



Track 4, Where the Heart Beats Free by Yoko Shimomura


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Full Track List

Track Name Composer Time
1 Believe in the Spirit KOKIA 4:25
2 Silent Resolve Tsuyoshi Sekito 2:22
3 Sunlight through the Trees Tsuyoshi Sekito 1:59
4 Where the Heart Beats Free Yoko Shimomura 3:12
5 Luck of the Draw Tsuyoshi Sekito 1:05
6 Ode to the Workshop Tsuyoshi Sekito 1:47
7 The Drip Drip Drip of Memory Hiroki Kikuta 4:38
8 The Enemy Appears Tsuyoshi Sekito 2:18
9 Fanfare! Tsuyoshi Sekito 0:55
10 Ominous Clouds Tsuyoshi Sekito 1:23
11 Those Who Delve into Darkness Tsuyoshi Sekito 3:05
12 Breath of the Goddess Tsuyoshi Sekito 2:56
13 Heart’s Lament Tsuyoshi Sekito 1:31
14 A Map Unfurled Tsuyoshi Sekito 1:48
15 On Windswept Lands Tsuyoshi Sekito 3:37
16 Quickening Light Tsuyoshi Sekito 1:48
17 A Worthy Foe Tsuyoshi Sekito 2:46
18 Curtainfall Tsuyoshi Sekito 0:11
19 One Bard’s Tune Tsuyoshi Sekito 4:00
20 Tension Tsuyoshi Sekito 0:50
21 The Far Side of Grief Tsuyoshi Sekito 2:36
22 This Way to Another Dimension Yasuhiro Yamanaka 1:35
23 Fear the Messenger Kenji Ito 2:05
24 The Sanctuary of Mana KOKIA 3:16
25 Omen KOKIA 1:26
26 Back to Mana’s Embrace KOKIA 2:48
27 Rising Sun: An End, A Beginning (Piano Arrangement) Kenji Ito 2:25
28 Believe in the Spirit (Instrumental) KOKIA 4:22

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