Terra Battle is an RPG for smartphones by Mistwalker, the company found?by?Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy.?To generate more interest for the game the Hironobu Sakaguchi chose a different content model that was inspired by Kickstarter. The more downloads the game received the more bonus content would be added.

The soundtrack is primarily composed by Nobuo Uematsu and when the game reached 100k downloads Nobuo Uematsu added more music to the game. After 1.6 million downloads Kenji Ito joined the project and after 1.7 million downloads Yoko Shimomura joined the project and composed the song Lucia & Lamia’s Boss Theme. After 1.8 million downloads Yasunori Mitsuda composed a new song as well.



Yoko Shimomura’s Message and Song after 1.7 Million Downloads

This excellent video features a message from Yoko Shimomura and a sort of behind the scenes look at the song she composed and its recording.


Lucia & Lamia’s Boss Theme: Composed by Yoko Shimomura


Full Soundtrack Playlist



Full Track List

Track Name Composer
1 Main Theme Nobuo Uematsu
2 High Sky [Main Theme] Nobuo Uematsu
3 The Shattered Land Nobuo Uematsu
4 The Maker’s Beckoning [Menu Theme] Nobuo Uematsu
5 A Battle Of Teamwork Nobuo Uematsu
6 Victory Fanfare Nobuo Uematsu
7 Evening At The Tavern Nobuo Uematsu
8 Friendship Nobuo Uematsu
9 Braving The Battle[Metal Zone Theme] Nobuo Uematsu
10 Lying In Wait [Boss Theme] Nobuo Uematsu
11 Terrible Losses Nobuo Uematsu
12 Comforting Words Nobuo Uematsu
13 Marching On The Battlefield Nobuo Uematsu
14 Panic [Boss Theme] Nobuo Uematsu
15 In The Halls Of The Maker Nobuo Uematsu
16 The World’s Awakening [Final Boss Theme] Nobuo Uematsu
17 Unfulfilled Desire Nobuo Uematsu
18 Jingle Nobuo Uematsu
19 Jingle [Electronic] Nobuo Uematsu
20 The Last Story Battle Theme Nobuo Uematsu
21 The Last Story Boss Theme Nobuo Uematsu
22 Mobius Final Fantasy Cutscene Theme Mitsuto Suzuki
23 Mobius Final Fantasy Battle Theme Mitsuto Suzuki
24 Mobius Final Fantasy Boss Theme Mitsuto Suzuki
25 Mobius Final Fantasy Final Boss Theme Mitsuto Suzuki
26 Mobius Final Fantasy Fanfare Theme Mitsuto Suzuki
27 Daily Challenge Theme Kenji Ito
28 Lucia & Lamia’s Battle Theme Nobuo Uematsu
29 Lucia & Lamia’s Boss Theme Yoko Shimomura
30 Beyond The Light Yasunori Mitsuda


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