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The 3rd Birthday is a third person shooter for the Sony PlayStation Portable and was a follow up to the popular survival horror RPGs Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 on the original PlayStation. It was released in Japan in 2010 and the rest of the world in 2011.

The game is set in Manhattan in the year 2013. Creatures called the Twisted appeared below the city and have pretty much destroyed it. A team called the Counter Twisted Investigation (CTI) is formed and you play as Aya Brea, a member of this team. Aya was found unconscious 2 years before the events of the game and has amnesia. Interestingly enough though Aya has an ability called Overdrive which lets her travel to the past to change the outcomes of battles in the future.

The game was intended to be sort of a reboot or reimagining of the Parasite Eve series and Aya Brea character but it had mixed reviews.

The soundtrack was mostly composed by Mitsuto Suzuki and Tsuyoshi Sekito but there was additional work done by Yoko Shimomura who composed the music for the original Parasite Eve games. Yoko Shimomura was involved with the project from the beginning, back when the game was intended to be released for mobile phones.

When asked if she would like to work with anyone Yoko Shimomura picked Tsuyoshi Sekito and Mitsuto Suzuki. They would handle most of the tracks on the soundtrack while remixing old themes and keeping with the style of the original Parasite Eve games. Suzuki took care of most of the track mixing while Sekito mostly helped with instrumentation. Yoko Shimomura was the one in charge of the whole project and wanted to include a lot of themes from the past Parasite Eve games for the fans.



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Full Track List: Disc 1

Track Name Composer
1 From the End -The 3rd Birthday- Tsuyoshi Sekito
2 The Babel : Genesis Yoko Shimomura
3 Investigation of the Past Mitsuto Suzuki
4 Beginning of Breeding Mitsuto Suzuki
5 Joy to the World -for The 3rd Birthday- Tsuyoshi Sekito
6 Flashback Mitsuto Suzuki
7 Dive into Myself Mitsuto Suzuki
8 Wait for the Combustion Mitsuto Suzuki
9 Brave New World Mitsuto Suzuki
10 Contact, Freeze, Explode Yoko Shimomura
11 Unknown Unknown Yoko Shimomura
12 Equinox of Insanity Mitsuto Suzuki
13 Insanity of the Enraged Yoko Shimomura
14 Reaper Mitsuto Suzuki
15 Moment of Humanity Mitsuto Suzuki
16 Bloody Black Tsuyoshi Sekito
17 Frozen Time Mitsuto Suzuki
18 The Boss Mitsuto Suzuki
19 Arriving Home Mitsuto Suzuki
20 Angel’s Time Mitsuto Suzuki
21 Dive into Myself -Deep Inside- Mitsuto Suzuki
22 dayDreamer Tsuyoshi Sekito
23 Light of Time Mitsuto Suzuki


Full Track List: Disc?2

Track Name Composer
1 Memory II -for The 3rd Birthday- Tsuyoshi Sekito
2 Ruin Mitsuto Suzuki
3 Arise within You -for The 3rd Birthday- Yoko Shimomura
4 Moment of Silence Tsuyoshi Sekito
5 Time of Insanity Tsuyoshi Sekito
6 Queen Mitsuto Suzuki
7 Cloud of Aureolin Mitsuto Suzuki
8 Girl in the Dream Mitsuto Suzuki
9 Unforgettable Man Mitsuto Suzuki
10 Out of Phase -for The 3rd Birthday- Tsuyoshi Sekito
11 Dive into the Cause Mitsuto Suzuki
12 Pain of Assault Yoko Shimomura
13 Human seeker Mitsuto Suzuki
14 Human seeker -Battle Side- Mitsuto Suzuki
15 Uncontrol Mitsuto Suzuki
16 Monodrama Mitsuto Suzuki
17 Crossing Time, Crossing Mind Mitsuto Suzuki
18 Dr.Maeda (or How I Learned to Start Loving DNA) Mitsuto Suzuki
19 End of the Investigation Mitsuto Suzuki
20 Worm Tsuyoshi Sekito
21 Fright Night Mitsuto Suzuki
22 Desperation Mitsuto Suzuki
23 Ray of Hope Tsuyoshi Sekito
24 Triumph of Wing Tsuyoshi Sekito
25 Cityscapes Mitsuto Suzuki
26 Crimson Eyes Tsuyoshi Sekito
27 Unforgettable Man -Return to Me- Mitsuto Suzuki


Full Track List: Disc 3

Track Name Composer
1 King of Closing Time Mitsuto Suzuki
2 A Piece of Remain -for The 3rd Birthday- Tsuyoshi Sekito
3 The Way Things Are Mitsuto Suzuki
4 Into the Babel Mitsuto Suzuki
5 Escape from UB -for The 3rd Birthday- Tsuyoshi Sekito
6 Terminus Zero Mitsuto Suzuki
7 Immortality of Time Mitsuto Suzuki
8 Blue of the End Yoko Shimomura
9 Dive into Myself -Changing to…- Mitsuto Suzuki
10 “Wachet auf, ruft uns der Zeitpunkt Null ?””Based on a cantata BWV140 by J.S. Bach”” Yoko Shimomura
11 The End -Back to the Beginning- Yoko Shimomura
12 Come Again to Christmas Mitsuto Suzuki
13 Screaming Mitsuto Suzuki
14 Primal Eyes -for The 3rd Birthday- Yoko Shimomura
15 Brea the Brave Yoko Shimomura
16 Theme of Aya -The 3rd Birthday Early Essence Arrange- Yoko Shimomura

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